Spiritual Prison Breaks: How To Reclaim Your Stolen Power book by Bruce A. Miles and Evelyne Deleuze-Miles

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SPIRITUAL PRISON BREAKSHow to Identify and Break Out of Hidden Spiritual PrisonsCould you be in a spiritual prison of fear… unworthiness…anger… unforgiveness? Is joy eludingyou? Come with us and see...



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How to Identify and Break Out of Hidden Spiritual Prisons

Could you be in a spiritual prison of fear… unworthiness…
anger… unforgiveness? Is joy eluding
you? Come with us and see how
to break out of spiritual prisons and soar like eagles!

Bruce and Evelyne are Prayer Ministers.
Their hearts burn to see people set free!

“Bruce and Evelyne have been helping set people free from the captivity of generational curses, wounding from life’s hurts, lies believed, and demonic oppression for years.

“Now they have written a practical application on how to break out of spiritual prisons of the soul and spirit. The testimonies and stories of real life people who have received freedom are inspiring.

“Bruce and Evelyne give practical steps on recognizing spiritual captivity and how to see breakthrough. Our God is the great freedom fighter. Bruce and Evelyne help us apply His principles of healing and liberty.”
Patricia Bootsma
Co-Sr. Associate Pastor, Catch the Fire, Toronto
Director Catch the Fire House of Prayer
Leader of Ontario Prophetic Counsel

“In ‘Spiritual Prison Breaks’, Bruce and Evelyne bring new understanding of how to dispel the lies of the enemy and break free from bondages and fears that keep us locked up.

“We pray ‘Spiritual Prison Breaks’ becomes part of your journey to freedom, as you invite Jesus through the doors of your troubled past, allowing Him to bring healing to you today, while establishing hope for a greater tomorrow.

“Let the past...be the past as you learn to face, embrace and erase, while reaching forward to the high call in Christ Jesus. Your past does not have to dictate your future. Let this book help you to let go of the old, and embrace the new...God has for you!”
Dr. Russ Moyer
Founder and President of Eagle Worldwide Ministries

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